The preliminary program for ALD Metallurgy & More

Two conference days filled with presentations on the latest trends and developments in Vacuum Metallurgy are rounded off by a third "Event Day".  A detailed company tour, which includes the presentation of all ALD business units and ALD’s technical centre with in-house Electron Beam Melting facility and other equipment, will allow the event participants to get in touch with ALD experts. 

Monday,        18 September, 2023 

Tuesday,       19 September, 2023 

Wednesday, 20 September, 2023 

Thursday,      21 September, 2023 


Friday,            22 September, 2023 

Arrivals, registrations and welcome reception at Best Western Hotel “Villa Stokkum”, Hanau, starting at 06:00 pm

Arrivals, registrations, 1st conference day at ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Hanau, incl. with paper sessions and company tour, dinner

2nd  conference day at ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Hanau, dinner

Excursion A) to German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Materials Research, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Schulz, Köln

Excursion B) to AMG TITANIUM ALLOYS & COATINGS GfE Gesellschaft für Elektrometallurgie mbH, Nürnberg 

Check out from hotel and departure

The ALD organizing committee is currently working on the logistical and program details.

The motto of the conference is related to “Automization, Sustainability, Reliability & Innovation”.
These are requirements for a long-term successful business strategy in equipment, manufacturing and process development. 
Detailed program and accommodation details will follow.


System Integration &
Process Monitoring

Setting Pace
with global trends

Proven Systems for Continuous Operation

New Technologies, Materials & Processes

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